Thursday, November 17, 2011

Amino Acid Lab: Biochemical Evidence and the Spectrum of Beliefs

On Day 1 of the Evolution Unit, you placed yourself on the Spectrum of Beliefs. What would your school of thought say about DNA/Amino Evidence that you have collected in the Amino Acid Lab? You may want to do some research on the internet to come with an educational comment.


Loganl899 said...

The school of thought we all fell under-Old Earth Creationism-allows for evolution so we can accept the biochemical results of the lab.
Linus L
Mackenzie R
Logan L

Scott DeVoss said...

The school of thought I beleive is the young earth creationism and i think the closer the animals are in amino acid number that the organisms are more similar and do the same things.

Scott D
Scott H

Josh O. said...

The school of thought that Jake & I fell under was Old Earth Creationism. This will let evolution be taught and accepted with the biochemical evidence throughout the lab and how we view about evolution.

Josh O.
Jake R.

Maddie F said...
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HaydenC578 said...

We think that the DNA/Amino Acid evidence sways our opinion more towards believing in evolution. At the beginning, we both were unsure of where we stood, and as we are learning more about the facts of evolution, we are being able to put ourselves on the spectrum.
Hayden C and Macy B.

MeganC said...

The school of thought I fell under is still under the agnostic evolution side of the evolution spectrum so I accept the biochemical results.

Maddie F said...

Our opinions have not changed from the beginning. In the beginning we both believed that evolution basically followed the bible. Our opinion has not changed because we think there are similarities in all organisms, and they also have differences but they are not big enough to change the environment they way people have thought. Just because they all have similarities in one DNA strand does not mean the whole organism evolved from the other.
-Maddie and Shelby

Drew Knapp said...

Our school of thoughts is agnostic evolution and we think that any scientific evidence or non scientific evidence should be accepted and this is definitely good scientific evidence. Our school of thought would openly accept this data and use it to help discover the truth.
Drew Knapp
Kendall Cooke

Katie R said...

Based off of where we placed ourselves on the spectrum the first day, which was deistic revolution, our school of thought would say that the amino acid evidence is evidence of evolution. It is evidence that over time, some species became very similar others further apart. An example would be apes and humans, we became somewhat different but are still very similar. We evolved from them. However, this doesn't provide evidence of how the first creatures came about.
~Katie and Charlie

Megan D said...

Our school of thought fell under both creationism and evolution but we also believe and accept the biochemical results of the lab because we believe that over time species could have changed and their amino acid sequences could have started to change slowly over time.
Megan Dryer
Rachel Getz
Thomas Moran

hunterk2015 said...

Hunter and Cheyenne's school of thought fell under deistic evolution, so the amino acids lab is accepted by our beliefs and we feel it supports our beliefs further.

Mason Smith said...

Mason's stance on the spectrum of beliefs are creationism evolutionism and I can accept this as a that God is all intelligent and he created us all of us similar to him. Emily is agnostic evolutionist so she can accept this as scientific evidence.

Davidc said...

The school of thought we both believe is the young earth creationism and we think the closer the animals are in amino acid number that the organisms are more similar and do similar things.

David c
Colin j

Sheridan said...

We believe that the DNA/Amino acid data that we collected provides evidence that humans have close ancestors with monkeys, and that is why we had very few differences with the monkeys compared to an animal such as tuna.

Sheridan Godfrey
Madeline Phillips

Missy T said...

We all believe more in evolution because of amino acid sequence. Each member of our group still stands on different parts of the spectrum but we all are closer to standing on the side of evolution.

Bri F
Missy T.

EmmaJ said...

Emma J/ Annie G:
The Amino Acid/DNA Evidence disagrees with our beliefs seeing as on the belief spectrum, we fall somewhere in the middle. The Acid/DNA evidence shown on this lab seemed strictly based on scientific evidence. We are still figuring out where exactly our beliefs fall, but we know for sure that we are more towards the middle rather than on the scientific side of the spectrum.

Baileys said...

My school of thought was Atheism theory therefor not involving my religion. The data that we learned today proves that there is evolution because the DNA strands differ but some are closely the same, showing that certain animals could've evolved from the same ancestor.
-Bailey S, McKenna Bliss, Laura W

Brianab said...

SydnieL & BrianaB

Based on our school knowledge the evidence that we gathered illustrates scientific facts. We have close relation to monkey's and distant relation to tuna.

ToriH said...

We both believe that the DNA/Amino Acid Evidence is scientific proof of the relation of organisms. This shows the differences and similarities between animals a humans but they are just random.

Emily Skoda said...

AddysonH: I believe that God made apes and humans into two different species. I just think that he made them similar in the ways they act. I do not know why he would do this, but this is what i believe.

EmilyS: I believe pretty much the same thing. I believe that God made the earth and everything in it. I believe he made humans and monkeys as two different species that act the same.

MaddieJ said...

It shows that all living things evolved in different ways, from something that was once really similar. Because we have similar DNA to a monkey, we are closely related to them.
Maddie J.
Amanda F.

RachaelB2015 said...

Christi M. Rachael B.
We believe that this lab gave more evidence to the humans are from monkeys case. This expresses how closely related we are to monkeys and shows the similarities we share.

MadisonT2015 said...

Sarah F and Madison T
Our school of thought would say about the DNA/Amino acids sequence, that we evolved from monkeys or some type of creature that is close to that.

MRenda said...

We believe that the DNA/Amino Acid Sequences and similarities shows that animals and humans (especially monkeys) are related to each other, even if distantly as shown in the similarities in the sequences.
Lauren A. and Maddie R.

Emily C said...

Emily C and Kendra W disagrees with the amino acids/DNA evidence. This is shown throughout our spectrum of beliefs placement.We still think that we fall in the middle of the spectrum, even with the thought of what we did in this lab with Amino acid lab.

AllyB said...

Ally B. & Madison S.
We found that this lab showed further proof of evolution, and if not direct evolution, major similarities. Our belief spectrum allows us to agree with the idea of possible evolution.

Anthony L said...

Anthony- I still say that I do not believe in either evolution or creationism. I do believe more in evolution because it has more evidence supporting it. That is where I remain on the spectrum of beliefs.

JJ- I believe in evolution purely
because of the scientific evidence. It is just more realistic to think that organisms slowly evolved instead of everything just popping up out of nowhere.

Peter- I have not changed. I still don't believe in evolution. It shows that our Creator made everything out of similar stuff but, it doesn't mean we have evolved from something.

JoshL2014 said...

Comment brought to you by: Josh, Jordan, and Dominique.

The DNA evidence of differences between animals doesn't fix anything. The argument is between myth and fact and what is true. The only thing that this data proves, is how different animals have evolved, instead, what people are arguing, is how they began, or where they started. Even if everything was proven, believers in creationism can counter facts with any form of god.

AveryL said...
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PaulaC said...

Renee said that this is more evidence, supporting the idea that humans evolved from monkeys. I think that this does not completely support the theory because humans also share a lot of DNA with other organisms.

AveryL said...

Our school of thought is that this lab could be further verification that humans evolved from mammals since on the cladogram, mammals are closer to human DNA/amino acid sequence which means we are more closely related to monkeys then we are to tuna.

Avery L
Hannah R B

SydneyB said...

Sydney B and Rachel A
We believe that God created us all in our own unique way that is why our amino acid sequence isn't the exact same as any species, we may be closely related but that doesn't really prove that we evolved from them. Species are closely related because of the way creation happened and the different needs of their environments. Example: fish live in water so they have fins to swim.. monkeys and humans live on land so we have legs to walk.

Courtney L said...

Our thoughts on the DNA and Amino Acid Evidence are, we all may be closely related but that doesn't mean that we evolved from that particular species. This shows that we are closely related to fish but we obviously didn't evolve from fish. Just because we have the same DNA does not mean that we evolved from anything. Our DNA is so closely related with several animals, so which one did we evolve from? The environment plays such a big roll in the evolution of species, so what type of environment would we have to be in, in order to evolve from the animals that our DNA is so close to?
Courtney and Dana

Ryan M. said...

Me and my partner believe that the DN/Amino acid evidence is logical because humans evolved from primates, and other species are closely related because they were once the same species, and became two new ones because of some form of isolation.
Ryan M
Mark W

KatieH said...

Katie's opinion:
I believe that organisms were put on this earth and then evolved, so i can accept what we did today in class that shows evolution.

CJ's opinion:
I do believe in evolution because of the scientific evidence and accept the research we did in class today.

Chandler Pedersen said...

This makes us begin to believe more in the theory of evolution. We both though it was wrong but seeing this swayed our opinion.
Ted R.
Chandler P.

GriffinH said...

Griffin: This information is very interesting however it doesn't change my beliefs. It definitely shows that all organisms are related, but does not make me believe in evolution.
Frank: My beliefs haven't necessarily changed my mind just opened up a little more each time I dig deeper into evolution and now I'm certain that evolution could very possibly control how we all came to be

mikaelam said...

Our opinions from the beginning have not changed, as our original belief allowed for evolution. This new data with the close relationship of the Rhesus Monkey and Human Cytochrome-C only adds to the theory that evolution is possible. This is scientific data that we cannot just ignore.

Mikaela M.
Trey S.

gabe said...

the first day we commented on the blog we believed in theistic evolution and this lab hasn't changed our minds because we believe in god but also evolution.

Gabe P.
Matt R.

Spencer E said...

Spencer E.: My school of belief allows Evolution so I accepted the biochemical results.
Brittany W: My school of believe does not allow evolution, but I also share an understanding of the topic. I am able to change between believing completely and utterly in God, and evolution co-existing with creationism. I accept the biochemical results, to an extent.

AnyaC said...

DNA evidence is much more believeable to us because it makes sense to us that if the amino acids in a chain of DNA match, then the two organisms are more closely similar. Like earlier in the semester, DNA codes for making proteins, which also determine the traits and characteristics of organisms. Even though the DNA sequence of monkeys and humans aren't the same, just by observing the physical characteristics of both organisms look similar.

Anya C.
Kirsten T.

Jennifer S. said...

Michaela: I now realize that there are many facts that back up different beliefs as solid evidence. Because of this, I learned that you cannot deny that the solid evidence is a truth, and I now know that my beliefs have to work around these. I said in the beginning of the year that I could not completely put myself on the spectrum of beliefs because i didn't have enough information and evidence to back up. Now, I do think that some supernatural being did create the earth, however evolution did happen. I know this now because of the information we have been learning over the weeks.
Jennifer:I agree with what Michaela said. On the other hand I said what she thought in the start of the unit. When she said you cannot reject the facts is what I thought.

JoannaH2015 said...

Courtney J.
Joey H.

Courtney had the idea of God creating the world and the animals, based on the bible. Yet, because of the DNA/ Amino Acid evidence, evolution may have played a part in what were are today, but maybe not all of it, because the evidence showed that animals could have came from a human being. Joey had been placed on more of the athiest side of the spectrum. So after talking, we came up that maybe God started the world and how life began, but then evolution could have taken over from there.

David G said...

This new research with the amino acids, has not changed our belief at all. We have always thought that humans have come from monkeys. With the new evidence, this shows that we a very similar and can help explain that we have evolved.
Science can back up pretty much anything now a days.
EliseL and David G.

AndreaL said...

Faith V.- I think common ancestry supports what I think because I think when God created everything he made us all connected and all alike, but yet we are still very different and adapted differently. We all live in different environments so it makes sense that we have all become more different and adapted and are not the same as we were when we were first created.

Andrea L.- I think that the evidence for common ancestry definitely supports my theory of how Earth began, without any interpretation. As someone who believes in Atheistic Evolution, a common ancestor basically backs up the idea that all animals evolved from an animal that was once living. The variation of species and genetic makeup is explained through the affect of the animals' adaptation.

Kate E. said...

Kate E. and Josie T.
Our school of thought after learning about this DNA/Amino Acid Evidence swayed more towards the theory of evolution. We kept our beliefs, but it pushed us a little more towards evolution because their is evidence of alike animals. We found it interesting that we could guess which ones will be more alike before figuring out the DNA sequence because of common sense. The sequence clearly makes a huge difference in the phenotype appearance of the species.

Jacobg said...

AustinB and JacobG,

we feel like even with this evidence is fact and cannot be disputed, but we believe that you still cannot have one with out the other. Creationism and evolution depend on each other. Where would the organism originally come from? How does that organism adapt to its environment?

Ava Kalhoefer said...

The DNA sequence of amino acids shows some proof of how the coding for new proteins gives characteristics to different species shows they might possibly related. Like the human and the monkey difference is only one amino acid, I shows that it is delicate process in which if only one changes, then an entire phenotype and/or function can change. Yet how did this started? Because we do not know how these changes of amino acids could have changed from previous ancestors, there is still that case of religious view that could explain this variation.
-Ava K.
-Kameron G. said...

At the beginning of the unit, I believed in Theistic Evolution and I have not changed my mind. I believe that evolution was used by God in order to create life. Comparisons and differences between the amino-acid chain of different organisms I believe does provide evidence of evolution. Similar characterists of apes and humans can demonstrate the process of evolution, however similarities in amino-acid sequences make the process come to life.
-Emily R

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